3 Ways to Use Metallic Paint in Your Home

Interior design is all about finding the right aesthetic balance in your own home – and it's a task that is easier said than done. With so many interior design television shows and websites showcasing extreme design features, it can be all too easy to take an aspect of design too far and end up with a home that you just don't feel comfortable in.

Metallic paint is one such example. Hire a painter to cover all of your walls in shimmering gold and the result will look more like a music video set than a home you actually want to live in. With metallic paint, the key is to be sparing. Here are a few ideas that you can hire professional painting services to help you out with.

An accent wall. Painting all of your walls gold or silver is just going to be too much, but on one wall it could look really beautiful – particularly if that wall is facing a window and the light reflects off the metallic surface. Gold tones tend to work very well with a natural colour scheme and can add warmth to a room that could otherwise just look plain. If the magnolia walls in your living room are looking tired, liven things up with one gold wall.

Accent furniture. If painting a whole wall still seems intimidating to you, you can try painting pieces of furniture instead. This can be a particularly fun task for a bored teenager on a weekend who wants to liven up their bedroom. Of course, steer clear of any antique or vintage pieces and only try this out with cheap pieces of furniture that you have no problems experimenting with. An accent piece of furniture such as a chair or a bedside table can take on all kinds of metallic hues, from gun metal to a metallic pink, so have fun with it and try out some different things.

Kitchen countertops. So many people wish that they had larger kitchens, and one really easy way of making your kitchen seem larger is by painting the countertops with metallic paint. This is because any shimmery surface will reflect light, and so light will reflect off your metallic countertops to create an illusion of amplified space. In a kitchen, cooler, lighter colours work best, so go for a sparkling silver or a metallic light blue colour. The paint you use will have to be water and heat resistant, so it's best to lean on professional painting services for this task.