4 Clever Tricks For Making Rooms Appear Larger With Paint

When you've got a small home, chances are you'll want to find the best possible way to make it appear bigger than it is. While small homes can seem crunched for space, you can make the space look larger by choosing the right colours and paint combinations when working with residential painters. These clever paint tricks are designed to help you infuse the impression of space into smaller rooms.

Use Monochromatic Colours on All Walls

When you're painting a room, ideally you should follow a monochromatic colour scheme for every wall. A monochromatic colour scheme requires the use of a single colour tone to maintain a sense of continuity throughout the room. The uninterrupted colour spread across all the walls will open up the room to give you the impression of space. By using more than one colour, you'll create breaks between walls, which will make the room seem more closed up and small.

Choose Light Colours to Reflect Light

You'll want to choose light colours for your walls because they reflect light to make the room seem more open and airy. Light colours will also maximise the effect of natural light. Darker colours will absorb light to enclose the space, so you'll want to avoid them when you're trying to make a room appear larger. Light colours like icy blues, pale yellows, muted creams, light beiges and other pastel colours help to expand the visual space of your room. White is also a good colour choice when you're trying to open up the room, but it can sometimes make the room seem too dull.

Paint Horizontal Stripes for Narrow Rooms

Horizontal stripes make anything seem wider than it is. These stripes make narrow rooms appear wider by stretching out the space. You can get your residential painters to follow a monochromatic colour scheme by incorporating two different shades of the same colour when painting walls. You'll also want to consider the size of the room when choosing the width of your stripes. Large stripes will lose their impact in small spaces, so you'll want to use smaller stripes to create the ideal impression of space.

Extend Paint Colours to the Ceiling

Ask the residential painters to extend the colour of the wall onto the ceiling to give the room a unifying and homogeneous finish. By removing ceiling boundaries, you will add the perception of greater height, which will make the room appear bigger. To create the best impression of space in a small room, you'll want to match your floors, ceiling and walls to each other for uninterrupted continuity.

Use these clever paint tricks when working with your residential painters to make your rooms appear larger. For more tips, contact companies like Dyson Painters.