Creative Painting | 4 Statement Colour Choices For Your Beige Living Room's Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall in your living room is a great idea to enliven the space with colour and drama, but it can be daunting to narrow down on a specific choice without some assistance. This guide is designed to help you narrow down your feature wall colour choices in your beige living room when working with residential painters.

Tempting Turquoise

For your feature wall in your living room, turquoise is one of the best colours to offset against beige because this colour has a cool disposition to make the room appear less severe by giving it a soft finish. Turquoise also sets the perfect backdrop for a calm and soothing environment and is an excellent colour choice if you're trying to create a tropical feel. Since there are different shades of turquoise available, your painters can bring you a few colour choices before you make a final decision on the specific shade that resonates best with your personality. 

Gracious Grey

The best part of having a beige living room is the versatility of choice you have when it comes to feature wall colours because beige tends to go with almost everything. A combination of beige and grey sets the stage for a pacifying atmosphere with lots of natural undertones, making it easy to choose furniture that matches these two colours. Choosing a lighter grey shade will open up the room to create a feeling of space while providing maximum decorative impact.

Besotting Blue

Choosing a subdued but besotting blue colour will pair beautifully with your existing beige walls. Lighted shades of blue create a sky-like feeling to make your living room appear airy and more open. If you enjoy modern interiors, this colour is easy to work with because it allows you to incorporate all kinds of sleek furniture without seeking attention. Your painters will be able to provide you with different blue shades, so you can choose something that suits your taste.

Optimistic Orange

Orange represents a feeling of optimism and cheerfulness, which will pair well with your existing beige living room walls. Conjuring up a natural feel with its dusky earthen tones, your feature wall will light up brilliantly to make the living room feel dramatic without being overbearing. You can choose between shades like burnt orange, dusty apricot, soft marigold, pale daffodils and much more. Your painters should be able to present different shades to you based on your desire.

Use these statement colour ideas as stepping stones to unleash your creativity when working with painters to choose a feature wall colour for your beige living room.