Painting: Variety of Finishes for Your Interior Walls

Painting the interior of your home is not simply about choosing a colour and slapping a few coats of paint on the wall. You also have to consider what type of finish would be best suited for your preferred aesthetics. The paint finish you choose will not only have an impact on the appearance of your walls, it is also capable of camouflaging or accentuating flaws, enhancing illumination and more. So what are some of the paint finishes that you could select for your interior walls?

Matte finish

This is also commonly referred to as a flat finish. This type of paint finish is best suited for walls that have numerous bumps, cracks and other surface blemishes that you would like to cover up. Since matte finishes do not have light reflecting capabilities, they are better able at hiding flaws. Matte paint finishes are best suited for walls that do not have an impact on the overall aesthetic of the room such as the ceiling or corridor walls. It should also be noted that matte finishes do not wear well when washed on a regular basis. Therefore, they should not be applied to walls that are constantly exposed to touching.

Satin finish

Just as the fabric it derives its name from, this type of finish is characterised by being sleek and shiny. It is a popular choice for rooms that are used on a constant basis, such as a family room or a dining room. There are a number of reasons for this. The first thing to note about a satin finish is that it is highly reflective. Therefore, it is capable of making the room appear brighter. The second thing to note about a satin finish is that it is easy to maintain. It has the ability to withstand routine cleaning without starting to show any fading.

Nevertheless, a satin finish would not be ideal if your walls have damage, as the finish will make these surface imperfections stand out. Thus, if you choose to use this for painting, ensure that your walls have been thoroughly repaired and prepped beforehand.

Eggshell finish

This type of finish is named after an eggshell as it reflects light much in the same way that an egg does. This type of finish is popular as it can be used in all the different rooms in your home as it provides you with a nice balance between a satin and a matte finish. Eggshell finishes will also not begin to fade prematurely if they are washed routinely.