Having Your Home's Exterior Painted Soon? Here Are 3 Things to Do Before the Painters Arrive!

Is it time that your home had a makeover? Having the exterior painted can make a dramatic difference in your home's appearance -- and it usually requires only a few days to achieve that if you have the professionals do the job. Whilst it's exciting that you can give your home a new look in only days, there's one thing that many people forget about -- preparing the home. If your home isn't prepared in the right way, it could delay or even prevent the exterior house painting completely. Fortunately, your prep job doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you get started a week or two ahead of time. Here's what you need to do. 

Put on the Pressure

Pressure washing your home is perhaps the most important prep you can do. By pressure washing the home's entire exterior, you remove not just grime but also mould, mildew, moss and all kinds of other debris and dirt. Pressure washing also helps remove old paint that is starting to flake off. After pressure washing the home's exterior, you'll have a smooth and clean surface that makes the perfect canvas for your home painters to start with.

Whilst you can do the pressure washing on your own, that can be difficult. You'd need to purchase or rent a specialised pressure washing machine and then make sure that you use it properly. Don't forget, all parts of the home's exterior must be pressure washed so you're likely to need a ladder as well. Most homeowners find it easier to hire a professional pressure washing provider.

Place the Protection

While professional home painters are careful to protect property as they paint, they may not take quite the same degree of care that you would like. You can save time whilst ensuring that your gardens and property are safe if you place the protection yourself. 

Invest in several large heavy duty tarps, and then spread them over the gardens, statuary, walkways, and anything else you wish to protect from stray paint drops. Secure the tarps with large rocks at each corner to ensure they don't shift in the wind. 

Check the Caulk

Check any areas of your home exterior where you have caulk. This will namely be around the windows. Make sure that the caulk is still new enough that it's not crumbling away. The painters will need to paint over at least part of that caulk, and painting over crumbling caulk is challenging and messy.

If the caulk is crumbling, it's a clear sign that your window seal isn't efficient and this is something that should be taken care of straight away, before the house painters arrive.

After taking care of the three things above, you'll feel ready to get your home that makeover that it deserves. Enjoy your home's beautiful new exterior!