Options for Commercial Concrete Painting and Your Business

Owning a small manufacturing or industrial business means you will likely have clients come in from time to time. This means you want to give a professional first impression. One way to do that is by having an entryway and meeting area for your clients. This can be difficult with concrete floors and walls, but there are options. Here are a few of the options for commercial concrete painting and your business.

Concrete Dying

One of the leading services commercial painters is concrete dying. This form of service takes colours of your choice and places them on the concrete. The dye mixture will penetrate the concrete and begin to change the colour of the area. This is a popular way to cover old paint through repainting services or to give a mosaic-style look. You can choose a number of patterns and designs for this or go with a solid colour. The dying process time may vary depending on the concrete and the colour you choose. 

Tinted Sealers

Tinted sealers are different that concrete dyes in that they are not as rich or solid as a dye or traditional paint. The tinted sealers commercial painters can add to concrete give a soft colour or tint to the concrete. This is enhanced with the sealing effect that gives a glossy finish to the area. This type of concrete painting is ideal for smaller businesses where you want to make a lasting professional impression in a small entryway or office space. It looks professional, finished and can give the appearance of a different flooring material than concrete. 

Stamping and Designs

If you want the flooring to stand out and attract the client's eye, or if you want the flooring and the walls to have a unique look, stamping may be an idea. Concrete stamping and painting can give a combination of two effects. The effects can show depth and an eye-catching design that makes the client believe the flooring is much more than just concrete. This is ideal if you would like your company logo in the concrete along with colours that make the logo truly stand out to the naked eye. 

When you are ready to discuss painting and your business, contact commercial painters in your area. They can give you price estimates. They can also discuss the painting options and services they offer for your commercial surfaces. If you have questions about the process, including the time frame for the project, they can help you with those answers.