3 Reasons to Paint a Kitchen

When you decorate any room, you have to choose whether to paint your walls or paper them. While this might not be an easy decision for you to make about some rooms, it's usually a simple decision when it comes to your kitchen.

While you can wallpaper a kitchen if you really want to, paint is usually the best solution. Why?

1. Get Better Moisture Resistance

Kitchens are usually high-moisture environments. Cooking creates condensation and humidity. Even if you have a ventilation system in the room, it won't always stay completely dry.

If you paper kitchen walls, then the conditions in the room affect the wallpaper. For example, it may start to peel off and come away from the walls. If you have a lot of condensation and humidity in the room, you might develop mould and mildew problems in certain areas.

Paint is a more robust solution. It can cope with a kitchen environment much more effectively. It won't peel off. Plus, if you use a specialised paint that has anti-moisture protection, then your walls stay free from mould and mildew.

2. Get Surfaces That Are Easier to Clean

Kitchen walls don't always stay clean. Grease spots and food splatters can stain them; condensation and moisture can leave marks on the walls.

Most wallpaper is hard to clean. While you can wipe some down, you may not be able to clean off stubborn marks like grease and food stains. Even if you get most of the grease off a wall, it will leave a residue that you can't remove. You can't scrub at these marks too hard because you might damage the paper.

Paint is far easier to keep clean, especially if you choose a washable product made for kitchen use. You can wipe most marks off, and a little elbow grease shouldn't affect the paint.

3. Get Easier Makeovers

The wallpaper you put in a kitchen now might not suit your tastes for all that long. If you change your kitchen units or simply fancy a change of colour in the room, you'll have a big job on your hands.

Dealing with wallpaper is a chore. You have to get the paper off, clean up the walls and then repaper them. If you paint the room, you have an easier makeover session. You simply get the walls ready and paint them.

Choosing the right paint for a kitchen is vital. If you aren't sure which paint to use or want to make a professional job of it, then contact a company that offers interior painting services.