3 Exterior Paint Options to Prevent Graffiti Damage

Are you struggling to protect your business premises from the handiwork of local graffiti 'artists'? If so, it may be time to get your exterior repainted with graffiti damage prevention in mind. Here are three exterior painting options that will help you keep graffiti at bay. 1. Use an Anti-Graffiti Primer The first step to preventing graffiti damage on your exterior walls is to use an anti-graffiti primer. These primers are base coats intended for use under anti-graffiti finishing coats.

Having Your Home's Exterior Painted Soon? Here Are 3 Things to Do Before the Painters Arrive!

Is it time that your home had a makeover? Having the exterior painted can make a dramatic difference in your home's appearance -- and it usually requires only a few days to achieve that if you have the professionals do the job. Whilst it's exciting that you can give your home a new look in only days, there's one thing that many people forget about -- preparing the home. If your home isn't prepared in the right way, it could delay or even prevent the exterior house painting completely.

Two things you should do before you have your home painted

If you have hired a team of painters to repaint your home, there are a few things you will need to do before they can begin the painting process. Read on to learn more. Clean the walls A week or two before your painting team arrives, you should spend a bit of time cleaning the walls of your home, as any dust, grime, marks or cigarette smoke on them could affect both the texture and the colour of the paint that is applied to them.

2 Creative Interior Design Ideas For Combining Paint And Wallpaper

If you're planning to repaint the interior of your home, then you may be looking for bright, vibrant ideas that are a bit out of the ordinary. Instead of simply using paint, why not try combining it with some beautiful, decorative wallpaper. Modern wallpaper comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. Adding small amounts can help create a unique and eye-catching look in your home. Here are two creative ways you can combine paint and wallpaper.

Painting: Variety of Finishes for Your Interior Walls

Painting the interior of your home is not simply about choosing a colour and slapping a few coats of paint on the wall. You also have to consider what type of finish would be best suited for your preferred aesthetics. The paint finish you choose will not only have an impact on the appearance of your walls, it is also capable of camouflaging or accentuating flaws, enhancing illumination and more. So what are some of the paint finishes that you could select for your interior walls?

Wall Preparation to Save Money and Time

Preparing the walls ready for a commercial painting company can really help you to speed up the decorating process and save you money. If you're under a tight deadline then spending a bit of time cleaning the walls and making sure they are free from grease, dirt and uneven surfaces will make all the difference. All you need is some sanding paper with a sanding block, polyfilla with scraper, a bucket and sponge, some sugar soap and some old plastic sheets or blankets.

Creative Painting | 4 Statement Colour Choices For Your Beige Living Room's Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall in your living room is a great idea to enliven the space with colour and drama, but it can be daunting to narrow down on a specific choice without some assistance. This guide is designed to help you narrow down your feature wall colour choices in your beige living room when working with residential painters. Tempting Turquoise For your feature wall in your living room, turquoise is one of the best colours to offset against beige because this colour has a cool disposition to make the room appear less severe by giving it a soft finish.

Plastering Your Home? Consider These 5 Decorative Options for Added Aesthetics

For most home owners, plastering is strictly for functional purposes, done to either repair damaged plaster or as a prerequisite step to painting/attaching wallpaper. However, plaster can also be used for decorative reasons. Decorative plaster will make your home stand out and will most likely increase its value as well. Below, find out some of the most common decorative plastering services you can seek from your contractor. Coloured plaster

4 Clever Tricks For Making Rooms Appear Larger With Paint

When you've got a small home, chances are you'll want to find the best possible way to make it appear bigger than it is. While small homes can seem crunched for space, you can make the space look larger by choosing the right colours and paint combinations when working with residential painters. These clever paint tricks are designed to help you infuse the impression of space into smaller rooms. Use Monochromatic Colours on All Walls

Ah-Ah-Achoo: Reduce Your Allergies During House Painting

It makes sense to get the interior of your house painted during the summer since the heat will help to dry the paint quickly, and this minimizes the amount of time you will experience disruption in your home. However, as an allergy sufferer, house painting is going to add a new set of triggers that could make your symptoms worse if you are not prepared. There are two ways you can plan ahead to reduce the amount of allergy irritation you experience while the painters are at your home.

3 Ways to Use Metallic Paint in Your Home

Interior design is all about finding the right aesthetic balance in your own home – and it's a task that is easier said than done. With so many interior design television shows and websites showcasing extreme design features, it can be all too easy to take an aspect of design too far and end up with a home that you just don't feel comfortable in. Metallic paint is one such example.