Wall Preparation to Save Money and Time

Preparing the walls ready for a commercial painting company can really help you to speed up the decorating process and save you money. If you're under a tight deadline then spending a bit of time cleaning the walls and making sure they are free from grease, dirt and uneven surfaces will make all the difference. All you need is some sanding paper with a sanding block, polyfilla with scraper, a bucket and sponge, some sugar soap and some old plastic sheets or blankets.

Creative Painting | 4 Statement Colour Choices For Your Beige Living Room's Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall in your living room is a great idea to enliven the space with colour and drama, but it can be daunting to narrow down on a specific choice without some assistance. This guide is designed to help you narrow down your feature wall colour choices in your beige living room when working with residential painters. Tempting Turquoise For your feature wall in your living room, turquoise is one of the best colours to offset against beige because this colour has a cool disposition to make the room appear less severe by giving it a soft finish.