3 Exterior Paint Options to Prevent Graffiti Damage

Are you struggling to protect your business premises from the handiwork of local graffiti 'artists'? If so, it may be time to get your exterior repainted with graffiti damage prevention in mind. Here are three exterior painting options that will help you keep graffiti at bay. 1. Use an Anti-Graffiti Primer The first step to preventing graffiti damage on your exterior walls is to use an anti-graffiti primer. These primers are base coats intended for use under anti-graffiti finishing coats.

Having Your Home's Exterior Painted Soon? Here Are 3 Things to Do Before the Painters Arrive!

Is it time that your home had a makeover? Having the exterior painted can make a dramatic difference in your home's appearance -- and it usually requires only a few days to achieve that if you have the professionals do the job. Whilst it's exciting that you can give your home a new look in only days, there's one thing that many people forget about -- preparing the home. If your home isn't prepared in the right way, it could delay or even prevent the exterior house painting completely.